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Daniel Sharman attends Soho Desert House with Bacardi and Spotify Day 2 on April 12, 2014.

"I evolve as an actress as Sansa evolves as a character. I’ve gone from a somewhat insecure actress to a fairly confident actress. I have no idea what my performance is like but how I feel about acting has certainly changed."

wow these jeans look great
but they look familiar

You two are bickering like an old married couple.

My whole life it was never about having control. Shit would just come out with my face on it, and that was it. So now nothing can have my face on it, my name on it, that isn’t dope — that isn’t a part of the movement.



Holland Roden attends LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1

Candice Accola in Hawaii on April 16th
Anonymous asked: I find it completely ridiculous how nobody seems to base their ships off of the actual relationship anymore. it's always 'oh well this actor is hot, so his character should get the girl'.


In which Stefan’s expression is the stelena fandom’s reaction